That tricky First Anniversary gift

Aug 20, 2022 | 1 comment

The first wedding anniversary dachshund  is traditionally marked with a paper gift.  In my time I’ve been commissioned to make a few and they’re always fun to do so I thought I’d have a little mini-retrospective of them here.  First up is the most recent, Amber the dachshund, who was a commission from one of the husbands to the other.  As I was finishing her off, I needed something to embellish her collar.  A root through a box of broken jewellery bits uncovered a little heart.  Perfect! (of course I then managed to lose it and had a  frantic scrabble round the carpet before it was finally attached.)


These little yellow birds are Western Meadowlarks and they are the state bird of Montana (no, me neither).  Anyway, that was the location of the wedding for our second couple and I think the husband earned lots of brownie points for coming up with such an original present.  It was a lovely collaborative commission with lots of input from him.  After they arrived he wrote: ‘My wife loves the meadowlarks. She didn’t cry but she was moved nonetheless. I explained all the meaning behind the details and she said it was all extremely thoughtful. I honestly don’t know how I’ll top my anniversary gift next year but apparently she has confidence in me.” No pressure there then…

The final, most traditional commission is the only one that is still in this country, (Amber has gone to New York and the meadowlarks are in Ohio).  This was from a relative of the couple in question.  The bride was the first figure I’d done with high heels – challenging!  I had great fun making her dress and fascinator (and yes, that is real netting.  What else did you think I was going to use??)  Apparently she cried when she saw it – in a good way I hope.

So that’s my little round up of First Anniversary commissions.  If it’s inspired you to commission something of your own (and earn massive husband/wife points from your new spouse) then do get in touch.  I’m willing to have a go at most things (though I had to regretfully decline when a teenage girl asked if I could make her a life size horse. I’m sure her parents were relieved).  If you can imagine it, we can come up with a way to realise it in papier mâché. And there’s a hostage to fortune if ever I saw one.

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