ArtSpace Workshops at Beech Hall School

Jul 8, 2022 | 2 comments

A boy making a papier mâché animal

Work in progress

Picture of fox with papier mâché model in progress

Fox in early stages

Papier mâché model of a dinosaur


Model of a deer


Well, what a busy week it’s been!  Loyal readers (come on, there must be some of you!) may recall I was getting ready for some ArtSpace workshops to be run at Beech Hall School. Well, what a lovely experience the whole thing turned out to be.  It was a tough ask to go from initial drawings and photos to a finished animal in just 2 days.  In actual fact, they needed drying time before painting so sadly we didn’t fit that in but their teacher sent me pictures of the finished creations.  I’m so jealous of that fox – I would love to claim it as my own. All of the animals had so much character and life and it was so nice that they each chose to make something different.


    • Patty Callaghan

      Always good to have loyal followers Norman. We must get together with Keith and Linda soon


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