Messing around with boats

Oct 2, 2022 | 2 comments

Because a lot of my papier mâché commissions are surprise presents for people, I often have to wait for the Big Reveal before I can say much about them or show any pictures. Thus it was with the narrowboat Cleddau here, commissioned for an, ahem, ‘significant’ birthday for her owners.  I’ve made an F1 car before so how hard can a narrowboat be? Well, quite hard as it turned out. It’s a good job you can keep changing and re-modelling with papier mâché.  There was a lot of that – when I realised I’d made 2 left sides, and again when I put the cabin into the hull the wrong way round.  And don’t get me started on the trials I had with the windows… Making the 2 figures was a bit of light relief by comparison. It did feel all worth it in the end though. Especially when I saw the photo of her proud owners on board her with their mini-mes. So, I’ve now done an F1 car and a traditional narrowboat.papier mache model of 2 figures with a narrowboat
a couple on a narrowboat


  1. Sue Deveson

    Hello Patty, we are still thrilled with your amazing version of our boat and ourselves!
    The trio is positioned prominently in our dining room, providing us with plenty of opportunity to smile and giggle at the ingenuity of it! It was an inspirational present which is giving us great pleasure. Thank you for creating such a brilliant gift for us.

    S and K of nb Cleddau

    • Patty Callaghan

      Oh I’m so pleased you liked her. Must be slightly strange to be presented with miniature versions of yourselves!


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