Further Adventures with Chubby

Sep 23, 2022 | 2 comments

As planned, I continued exploring my drawings of Chubby this week. I washed some water over last week’s line drawing.  Because I’d used quite a heavy line I found the tones came out a bit darker than I’d intended. Not sure that he doesn’t look slightly sinister.  I also found once it had dried that I’d lost some of the finer detail. I found a charcoal pencil was the best way of re-instating this.  It also gave me a chance to draw in the flowery fabric on his chest. I think I’m fairly happy with it now, though it feels a bit reproachful too – I really must sew up that hole in his foot. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I also revisited the scissors/tape measure combo. This version was done with a soluble Inktense pencil.  Mindful of what I learned from Chubby, I’ve tried to make the lines less heavy.  I’ve also just realised that when I put the water on I’ll wash away all the markings on the tape measure! Doh! I’ll need to have a think about that one…


  1. katie

    Poor old Chubby. Great drawing though Pot x

    • Patty Callaghan

      He’s not been as well looked-after as Sheena…


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