Introducing Molly, the papier mâché cat

Oct 14, 2022 | 2 comments

Following on from my trials with the narrowboat, Molly here was also a bit of a new departure for me, being close to life size.  This meant giving her eyes, or she would have looked really creepy!  (Go on, admit it, you’ve never noticed that my smaller animals don’t have any eyes…) She was commissioned by the owner of the much-loved and rather venerable Molly so the pressure was on to do a good job!  Luckily, her owner supplied me with lots of photos from every conceivable angle.  What I most enjoyed was getting her markings right. She’s an American tortoiseshell so she has that mottled ginger and black coat which was quite a challenge.  I ended up tearing lots of small pieces of black and reddish-brown and building them up quite randomly – I was really pleased with the effect in the end and, I’m pleased to say, her owner was delighted!  If you too would like your beloved pet (or relative!) immortalised in papier mâché then visit my Commissions page and get in touch.


  1. Rebecca Horsman-Johnson

    Thank you for my beautiful girl. She is sitting with her sister on their cat box and husband hasn’t even noticed we have an addition. Iay just add Thumbelina puppy to the family. If you wish to incorporate the puppy and the story behind her I would be honoured. Thank you again

    • Patty Callaghan

      Thank you Rebecca. Perhaps your husband just thinks you’ve acquired another cat…


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