Miniature Flamingos


It’s just taken me ages to decide if ‘Flamingos’ should have an ‘e’ before the ‘s’.  I don’t think so, but if you beg to differ, let me know. Like my miniature herons, these flamingos (with or without an ‘e’) came about as a result of my being offered some 3-core electrical lead.  Stripped back, it was a lot chunkier than the telephone cable that I use for my tiny birds but I found it was ideal for making longer legs.  A request for suggested uses on Instagram came up with herons and flamingos.  Flamingos are a new one for me but, being somewhat gawky and comical, they seemed to lend themselves to the papier mache treatment.  I think I must have still been working out the right length for the legs on the shorter one, so s/he is about 14 cm tall whilst the other one is about 17 cm.  There’s no shame in being little. Add a note to your order to say which you would prefer.

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