Miniature Herons


Well, there’s a story to this one…If you’ve been following my ‘career’ (pause for eye-rolling), you’ll know that I have been making tiny birdies for some time.  I’m always on the hunt for new sources of wire for their legs and a tame electrician of my acquaintance offered me some 3-core electrical lead.  Stripped back, this was a lot chunkier than the telephone cable that I use for the tinies (are you keeping up at the back there?) Obviously, I’m the Woman Who Can’t Throw Anything Out and I soon realised that it was ideal for making longer legs.  A request for suggested uses on Instagram came up with herons and flamingoes (and, bizarrely, puffins.  She was from New Zealand – maybe puffins are different there?)  Anyway, I love making herons and the large ones I’ve made have always proved popular so a smaller version was a no-brainer.  These ones stand tall and proud, not as tiny as the Tinies so I have designated them as ‘Miniature’, which in this case means about 17 cm tall. I do think they look rather smart with their long copper legs.  The perfect gift for the heronophile in your life.

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