Studio Diary #1

Sep 15, 2023 | 0 comments

I’ve had a little flurry of commissions lately which has meant the opportunity to spend some concentrated time in my studio.  After lots of summer skiving, trying to chase down what little sunshine we’ve had, it’s been really enjoyable to get back into a ‘work’ routine. (I use the inverted commas, since messing about making cats out of papier mâché is hardly most people’s idea of work.)  As it happens, I’m particularly enjoying making these cats.  One of them is lying in a very contorted position.  As a result, I’ve found myself adapting my technique, using lots of glue-soaked paper almost like clay to quickly model the rough shape and then refining and adjusting it.  The photo shows her in the very early stages, when she was still very much a stick figure.  It requires a certain leap of faith at that point to believe it’s ever going to look like a living, breathing cat!  They’ve both come on quite a bit since then.  As they are both quite fluffy, I’ve been building up texture on them this afternoon with tissue paper.  Once that has dried, I can start applying colour.  The black one is easy but I need to start going through my stash of browns and tawnies to create a suitable blend for Notchy the tabby.  Keep tuning in for further updates!!

PS – Fun Quiz!! How many creatures can you spot in the picture? (and no, the big hairy ginger one doesn’t count…)


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